About St Andrews Company


The Brigade aim is to extend the Kingdom of Christ among our members, and here at St Andrew's we try to do this by providing them with an exciting and varied programme of activities and challenges. These activities include games, Christian teaching and discussion, team-building, outdoor pursuits, drill and many others, all in an environment of fun and fellowship.

If you'd like to learn more about the Brigade as a whole, please visit the

Church Lads and Church Brigade National site.

The company here at St Andrew's was founded in 1983. At present, the company has approximately 60 members on its books, including officers and helpers.

Here at St Andrew's, members are split into four separate age groups:

The Martins 5 - 7 years

Y-Team 7 - 10 years

JTC (or Jump To the Challenge) 10 - 13 years

Seniors 13 - 21 years

Each of the sections has their own programme, geared specifically towards the interests and needs of their particular age range. We also offer our members the opportunity to take part in activities outside the Company, joining up with other Brigade companies nationally and other local youth groups


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